Audio Feed provider on 3rd Party NOAA Weather Radio App

  • Recently I started contributing an audio feed to a 3rd party NOAA Weather Radio iOS App. To help, I started capturing the local NOAA weather broadcast in my area to stream to the developer’s server and be available on their app.
  • Radio Broadcast: NOAA Weather Radio, Gloucester, MA Marine – Frequency 162.425
    Official NOAA Station Site
    Feed: Gloucester, MA Weather (Marine Feed)
    App I provide a feed for
  • You may also listen to the feed directly here:
  • Technology Setup:
    Windows 10 Virtual Machine on a Dell PowerEdge T620 ESXi Server using an RTL-SDR USB Tuner.
    Software is SDR-Sharp + BUTT
  • I do not own the iOS application, I am simply providing a feed to it as a contributor. There are instructions in the app on how to become a feed provider.

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