Broadcastify Feed Provider

I volunteer to broadcast the Gloucester, MA Police and Fire Department radio frequencies to Broadcastify (Radio Reference).
Gloucester Police broadcasts on digital frequency P25, 471.58750
Gloucester Fire Department broadcasts on the following frequencies;
154.16000, 154.38500 and 154.83000.
I have two small separate setups for each department. The Police digital broadcast is captured through a virtual machine on my home VMware environment. This is using RTL-SDR USB receiver, Windows 10 and DSD+ Fast Lane Software.
The Fire Department broadcast is captured through a Raspberry Pi Model B and a Realistic Pro-2023 scanner. (more information and pictures coming soon)

You can listen to these Feeds on a computer or mobile device. Either from the Broadcastify Links below, or the recommended mobile apps for iOS and Android.
App Links: iOS App & Android App
Feed Link – Broadcastify – Police Feed – Click here

Feed Link – Broadcastify – Fire Feed – Click here